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My name Is Justin Walters and my whole life is dedicated to the service of my fellow man. I wake up every morning and put the armor of god on, then i begin with prayer, after that my work begins i Dont get paid but i work for spark ministry’s Special people advocating recovery in Kentucky. I speck for people that dont have a voice i deal with congressmen and governors to get legislation passed to benefit people in the United States. I help people every day get into drug treatment, im currently starting a drug rehabilitation center in Estill county ky. I have no money but god provides for me, i have one living son his name is Chandler preston scott walters. I haven’t always been so dedicated to doing the lords work, i struggled in my past with selfishness and anger all works of the enemy, I serve the highest of all kings Jesus Christ of Nazareth. My life today is a true testament and becomeing of a knight of the templatic order. My number is 6064812692 feel free to call me to chat. I want to start a crusade reaching out to addicts helping the homeless and feeding the children, god will provide but i need knights of the order to help with this great crusade, thank you for your time, you all we be in my prayers stay faithful to our great cause and follow the principles set by God and of the Templatic order of god.

Justin Walters
Event Coordinator and Projects Manger
Spark Ministries
Office 606-612-5125
Cell 606-481-2692