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Hello everyone,

I would like to introduce myself as someone who comes from a Catholic family, and can trace our ancestry to the Polish crusaders, sometimes referred to as the “forgotten crusaders”.

Furthermore, I was a wayward Catholic, bordering as an atheist for many years. I’ve come back to God in a powerful way, and I’ve recently found you’re order and am thrilled at the idea of joining such an organization that can trace it’s history back so far.

I must admit I am ignorant on the whole international organization. I was under the impression that only the order of Christ in Portugal that accepted the original knights fleeing for their lives was the only acceptable organization to belong to. However, I see now that is simply not the case and hope you can explain how you’re organization fits into all this.

I’m looking forward to learning all I can about this rich history, joining and becoming active in worthy deeds.

Dear Atticus,
I’m so pleased that you found us and welcome you to our site and Order! We support the 3 marjor Christian braches (Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant) so I’m so pleased to hear you’ve come back to your Catholic faith in a powerful way.

Please may I ask two favors:
1) Add me as friend on Facebook so I may introduce you to the many Christian Brothers and Sisters in our Order. Please add the following username as your friend: “Timothy Bryant Jones.”
2) Please email me your Christian Testimony to: info@OSMTJ.net

Welcome and God bless you!