Priories of OSMTJ Grand Priory of America

Knights Templar of America


Priory of St. Micheal – New England  –  Commander Joe Allsop Email: Site:

Priory of St. Luis – Upstate New York – Seneschal Caesar Johnson, Email:

Priory of St. AndrewGrand Commandant Lt. Col. Connie Lee Carlson (Army Ret.)Site:  UT, CO, NM, AZ, TN, KY, IN, AL, GA, SC, MS, MI. FL  Email:

Priory of His Coming Glory – Missouri and Kansas- Prior Rev. Richard DeFord, Site:  F.B.: Email: PastorRichard(at)

Priory of St. Gabriel – Texas – Prior Keith Menefee, Email

Commandery of Boaz Near Kinsman Redeemer – Commander Harry Davis Email:

Priory of St. Peter – Connecticut  – Prior Daniel Berry, Email:

Priory of St Philip – North Carolina – Prior Phillip Byrd, Site:  Email: 

Commandery of St Matthew – East N.C.Site:  Email:

Commandery of St Simon – West N.C. – Prior Philip Byrd, Site:

Commandery of St. Paul – New Jersey – Commander Jan Nicolai,  Site:  Email: AdvancedFirearms(at)

Commandery of St. Francis – Tennessee  – Commander John Harris, Email:   Site:

St. Joan of Arc Women’s PreceptoryPrior Lt. Col. Connie Carlson (Army Ret.)Email:   Site:

Priory of St. Bartholomew – Virginia – Prior Mark Mace, Email: Mace.pm47(at)   Site:

Priory of St. James – California – Commander Michael Denton, Email:

Commandery of St. John the Revelator – Wisconsin – Commander, Rev. Jason Linder, Email: 

Commandery of the Holy Cross – Maryland – Commander, Alan Scarlett, Email:  Site:

Commandery of Santa Barbara – Miami,  Commander Sergio Betancourt, Site: N/A Email:

Commandery of St Mark – Northern Florida – Commander Scott Beaty, Site:  Email:

Priory of The Holy King’s Servants – Southern Illinois – Prior Rev. Allen Brooks, Site:

Commandery of St Bernard of Clairvaux – Alabama –Commander Ken Brown,  Site:  Email: 

Commandery of St. Thomas – Kentucky  – Commander Kaleb Nance, Site:

Commandery of St. Benedict – Arkansas – Commander Trey Emery,  Email:

Priory of St. Belisarius of The Twin Cities Kansas City – Chancellor Rev. Charles Ray Jones, Email:


*Each applicant may choose which Priory they desire to apply to and belong to regardless of their geographic location.  Members may also transfer Priories later on if the new Priory accepts them.