The Supreme Military Order of the Jerusalem Temple, existing for pure motives of spreading the love of Christ, takes pride in its existence, and pride in its members’ involvement in shaping our Nation.

Men and women have been drawn to our Order because freedom, equality, respect, religious tolerance, charity and a belief in Jesus Christ and immortality of the soul have been the cornerstones of our existence.

Men and women of such caliber have made a mark on our societies and still do. The continuous need to face the challenges in today’s world in a moral, ethical way is as important now as it was three hundred years ago.

The Knights Templar are more than an organization to which you can say you belong to, it is a way of life.

The Knights Templar, having a special appeal, philanthropy and organizational structure; all having a common goal of uniting people of good moral character into a lifelong journey of improvement.

The endeavour of the Knights Templar to improve themselves, their families and their communities is the reason we remain an essential component of the structure of any stable society.

Thank you for your interest in our website and may God bless you!