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    I always wondered why there is so much focus today on the “Myths” (esoteric and unprovable mythology) of the templars: The Holy Grail, the “revenge of De Molay”, the “lost treasure”, the “hidden truths”, the “occult”, the “esoteric messages of Leonardo da Vinci.” These topics do not interest me but they interest so many. Why do you think that is?

    The problem with these topics is that they tend to be used by the fraudsters to sell things that are not real. Charlatans who prey on others use these myths to separate fools from their money.

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    Interesting question. I think people love a good story. The legends and myths have many elements of exciting fiction. Lost treasure, secret societies, brotherhoods of faith, good versus evil, these all make the setting of a good yarn. The Knights Templar provide a convenient base for a story because of the gap in their history. That is, for me, the great mystery.

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    I think people start with what they know and expand from there. Many people will jump in on a myth and learn from it, learn what is fact and what is a guess. Some are okay to stay caught up in the “what if” side but others that seek the truth are those that tend to be the most loyal fan base.

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