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    I know that this came from a book that was later turned into a movie, ‘Dragonheart,’ However, I have always liked its description of Chivalry (The Old Code).

    “Inside the Table’s Circle,
    Under the Sacred Sword –
    A Knight must Vow to Follow
    The Code that is Unending,
    Unending as the Table –
    A Ring by Honor Bound.”

    “A Knight is Sworn to Valor.
    His Heart knows only Virtue.
    His Blade defends the Helpless.
    His Might Upholds the Weak.
    His Words Speak only Truth.
    His Wrath Undoes the Wicked.”

    “The Right can Never Die,
    If One Man still Recalls.
    The words are Not Forgotten,
    If One Voice Speaks Them Clear.
    The Code (The Grail Code) forever Shines,
    If One Heart holds It Bright.”

    The Quest for The Holy Grail was never meant to be achieved. It was meant to be 'Lived' - now, today & forever. For God & Neighbor, I live & Serve.

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    I really like the Old Code! DragonHeart or not, that’s well written.

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