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    During a recent time of ‘Chivalric Meditation,’ I recalled something that my ‘Mentor in Knighthood’ once told some of us, who were on our personal ‘Quest’ for that ‘Vocation.’ He was giving us a lesson on ‘The Grail Code.’ One of the Candidates asked him this question:

    …….”How are we as ‘Knights,’ to conduct ourselves in our relationship with others?”

    The Knight replied:

    …….”We are to treat all of our ‘Fellow Christians’ (no matter what denomination they may belong to) as our ‘Brothers & Sisters’ in Faith.”

    The Candidate then asked:

    …….”But, what if they are not our ‘Brothers & Sisters in the Christian Faith?”

    The Wise Knight smiled & said:

    …….”Then we should treat them as our ‘Brothers & Sisters’ in the Family of Humanity.”

    A Powerful lesson on ‘The Grail code,’ that I have never forgotten.

    The Quest for The Holy Grail was never meant to be achieved. It was meant to be 'Lived' - now, today & forever. For God & Neighbor, I live & Serve.

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    Great point! As I like to say, I believe in Universal Brotherhood and Sisterhood

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