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    Hello! First, my interest in the Order comes from a search to find my purpose. I am alone now, have friends, am disabled in the back, knees, and neck, so I cannot be as physical as I once was. I had expressed in my note to the Order about my experiences with the American Red Cross in my walk to find a purpose. Its one thing to go into danger knowing its dangerous but another to go into a situation and not know and not be prepared. I also wrote that I was faced with the problem of not being able to mention God, Jesus, the Bible or wear my cross to any other worker or to a client. I felt naked without my cross but they said that if there were any reference to religion, that there could be a problem among people we may meet and could cause trouble with such people as atheists and Muslims. I felt that the Red Cross was not for me.

    I want to help people, to do the right thing in the Lord’s interests as directed, and if I have to fight, I’m a dead on shot. I was raised in the country, my dad taught me to shoot, then living in Arizona for 28 years on a ranch, I learned the desert and shot rattlesnakes as needed.

    I will not revoke my Christian beliefs under any circumstances. I know right from wrong, sometimes there’s no grey area to things. I am smart, business minded, and capable of many things so I feel I could help the Order perform their missions. I support the military and am a military brat. My dad was 23 years in the US Air Force. My son was in the US Army in their Intelligence division. My Dad is now 82 years old. My mother passed away in 2001 after a battle with cancer but she had come back to herself and to Christ before she died. My son is married, has given me one grandbaby, became a Catholic along with his wife, lives just outside San Francisco, and is an account executive.

    My Christian journey began with my Mom and Grandparents. My Mom and both sets of Grandparents took me to church, a Baptist church, and Sunday school, and vacation bible school. I enjoyed going to church and joined the choir. Then my family broke apart. My mother started drinking really bad and Dad put up with it for about 4 years and then divorced her. There were 4 of us kids and I had to find a place to live and go to work. I was 18 at the time and just out of high school. My Mom’s journey with alcoholism lasted 10 years. In the mean time, I worked in retail 4 years, then went to Memphis State University to study Nuclear Reactor Fundamentals in 1980-81 since I had a great interest in Physics. I was hired from there to a power plant in North Carolina. I got married in church to a Christian man and we later moved to Arizona to live for 28 years while working at that state’s nuclear plant. We attended a Baptist Church there and I was baptized there in 1986. I believe in the Trinity and believe there is a heaven and a hell. I was finally laid off at the power plant in 1993, went to school to learn to be a veterinary technician, worked for a veterinarian for 4 years, then worked for the power company for another year, then a cable and wire manufacturing company in their Finance dept. for 4 years. I completed my bachelors degree in Business Administration.

    Then my marriage fell apart. My husband was having an affair after 29 years of marriage. Then he hit me badly. I divorced him, which is frowned upon by the Baptist Church and I had to repent. I begged God for forgiveness. I felt lost, totally. I moved back to Alabama to be near family. My back was already ruined and I had to have surgery. My challenges that God put before me were not done. I felt I hit rock bottom at the end of the divorce. God kept me busy personally and with my health as more challenges came up. I felt God didn’t put these things in front of me if he didn’t think I could handle them. I’ve done as well as anyone could I guess. On the up side, I live alone except for a dog and two cats, I have family and friends here, I attend church Church in Ragland in St. Clair County. I have handled and kept confidential or top secret documents concerned nuclear power plants, power grids, etc. Before my divorce I owned a type of collection agency called judgment recovery from 2003 to 2008, where I recovered judgments instead of bill collection. That business went away during the divorce.

    But I feel called to do more. I am here for the Knights Templar to find use of me in their endeavors. I have read of the Knights Templars in history books and have seen fictional movies. I feel that, of course, doesn’t show the real Knights Templar of today. I have been reading on the website and the Facebook page. I am looking forward to learning more. I would love to have a list of books I should read about The Knights Templar that are truth and not fiction. There’s tons of books listed on Amazon but I don’t know which ones to get. I see some listed on the website and forum and will begin reading those. I also obtained a copy of the video suggested that is Arn The Knights Templar. I feel that the Lord has blessed me in guiding me to the Order. Thanks for allowing me to join. Please let me know if you have any questions. Y’all have a great day!

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    Congratulations and welcome to you Cedria King! Thanks for being so open and honest with your testimony. I really like your enthusiasm. Remember, every new day is a new chapter that God writes for our lives. What happened in the past is gone and have no chains on your new day and new story. This is the first day of the rest of your life. Please don’t hesitate to ask question as you start your journey with us.

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