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    Up for discussion today, why do you think Napoleon adopted the Knights Temlar as his order?

    Here is one take on it:
    Napoleon Bonaparte and The Order
    July 19, 2011 at 6:23am
    Out of the turmoil created by the French Revolution, a “child of the Revolution”, Napoleon Bonaparte, rose to power, promising to spread the ideals of the Revolution to all of Europe. After conquering most of continental Europe, he had himself proclaimed Emperor. In that same year of 1804, a new form of Templarism appeared. A “restored” Ordre du Temple.

    For motives of his own, Napoleon Bonaparte approved of this “restoration”, even allowing a grand ceremony in Paris, honoring de Molay and all other Templar martyrs. Napoleon, upon becoming Emperor, created a new nobility. Perhaps he saw these new Templars as serving as a counter-balance to the Masonic lodges, whom he distrusted due to their political radicalism. By1808, through successful recruitment the new Order had established Priories and Commanderies throughout most of the Grand Empire, including Italy and Switzerland. Ties to its Masonic origins were severed, with this Order of the Temple proclaiming its autonomy and adherence to “the Catholic Apostolic and Roman religion.”

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    I think Napoleon did this in order to bring them on board rather than further alienate them. He knew they could be trusted allies, and there must have been sympathy for the KTs among his followers. Perhaps Napoleon’s mentors may have been members of the brotherhood, too.

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