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    Templars, our Royal Patron & Protector of the USA, Prince Philip Kiril Preussen (pictured below outside the church where’s he’s a Pastor), had this important interview posted below with the Maz Newspaper on Nov. 18th, 2017. One of his key quotes: “Unborn babies do not have a lobby”

    “Prince Philip Kiril Preussen would today be head of the House of Hohenzollern and perhaps even German Emperor – if it still existed. But his father Friedrich Wilhelm was disinherited because he – contrary to the house right – married a commoner. Thus, the great-great-grandson of the last German Emperor Wilhelm II leads a bourgeois life as a Protestant pastor in Birkenwerder. What he loves at Advent and why he is a passionate lobbyist, explains the 49-year-old in the MAZ interview.

    What is the most important thing for you on the one hand and the most beautiful thing on Advent and Christmas on the other hand?

    Prince Philip Kiril Preussen: The most important thing is to wait for the one who arrives: Jesus. God sends His Son, the Savior of the world. Emotionally, too, the Advent wreath is something very beautiful for me. It is good to see its light and the people who are already friendly and hopeful with the light. Especially beautiful is the Wichern Advent wreath with additional candles for the Advent days.

    This Christian background is increasingly lost from my observation. How is your church developing?

    Prince Philip Kiril Preussen: With us it is like in most churches of the national church: The number of the members goes back. Among other things, we have more deaths than children. However, I had ten baptisms this year, more than a long time ago. In addition, there were above average church weddings. Contrary to the general trend, this year has been positive.

    When you took over the pastorate in 2013, the community was deeply divided. Has peace come?

    Prince Philip Kiril Preussen: This mortgage and this mode of dispute has also floundered on me. When I was unanimously elected, some had previously said they were changing the church. Some have let themselves be converted, some even now. Others have deliberately discarded their already printed form. That is legitimate, so is Volkskirche.

    Does the conflict not contradict the idea of ​​reconciliation?

    Prince Philip Kiril Preussen: My main concern, of course, is to build bridges. I first consider what serves the unity of the church. Jesus has set us on the path that Christians should be charity. This does not mean that everyone always has to agree, but that one’s fellow man and one’s being are more important than one’s own opinion. That should distinguish Christians – especially in a society where the trenches have become deeper. We are one for the sake of Christ, we are brothers and sisters: just as it should be in a good family. If God’s love, power, and hope were not real in our world, the Christian church would be gone.

    Your religious mission consciousness lies in the nature of your profession. But you also speak out politically. Why?

    Prince Philip Kiril Preussen: Jesus says to his disciples: You are the salt of the earth and the light of the world, so a very important factor of society. It’s about brightening, orientation and healing. It is important for Christians to have this important social perspective. Personally, I am often asked political questions because I come from the House of Hohenzollern. The gaze for the big picture has been placed in my cradle. My first concern is the spiritual well-being of the church. But this is also connected with the well-being of our country, our people as a larger community.

    Where do you see your political home? Naturally at the CDU?

    Prince Philip Kiril Preussen: I have the impression that some deeply Christian and biblical positions have been abandoned by the “C” parties. That is a pity. These left drift did not follow all the voters. Christian values ​​are, for example, the preservation of creation and charity. These are two hot topics, as they include climate protection and dealing with refugees. Germany is exemplary in both areas. But a second, deeper look is always appropriate for Christians to remain true.

    Do I hear any criticism?

    Prince Philip Kiril Preussen: Former Federal President Joachim Gauck put it aptly: “Our heart is far. But our possibilities are finite. “For example, there is the question: Do we care enough about our neighbor on the spot? That has nothing to do with xenophobia. But we have to prioritize our limited resources. A limit is also our personal safety. I expect the rulers to protect those entrusted to them by oath. In the US and France, the admission takes place on a case-by-case basis, which I consider normal. In 2015/16, this topic was not handled responsibly enough in Germany. The security has been taken away from me by the government, so that I could not allow my children, for example, to take part in the Kirchentag.

    There was no attack there …

    Prince Philip Kiril Preussen: So far, Germany has been lucky compared to other countries. – And on climate protection: You can also put it so far in the foreground that other priorities are neglected. Of course we have to keep an eye on the islanders, whose home country is about to sink. But if you ignore the fact that every year 40 to 42 million children are killed without being allowed to see the light of day, that is unbearable. In Germany alone, there are at least 100,000 abortions per year. If the indirect protection of life through environmental protection outweighs the direct protection of life, then something is wrong. Why is there no World Life Summit to build helping structures for parents so that they no longer see a single way out, to kill their children? If the environment is worth billions, then these children should be even more valuable to us. But unborn children have no lobby.

    Family-friendliness and care are increasingly on the political agenda. Or do you have another opinion?

    Prince Philip Kiril Preussen: The compatibility of family and work is the epitome of family friendliness. For many, this is not true. The early childhood care outside the parental home can be highly hazardous to children. According to relevant studies, the values ​​of the stress hormone in the blood of infants in this environment correspond to those of managers. For mothers and fathers who want to take care of their child up to the age of three at home, it would therefore have a certified educational content equal to the otherwise incurred crib fees. Fair would finally be a family splitting in taxes, the deductibility of all children’s products and allowances for energy and mobility costs.

    In the summer of 2016 you called in a sermon in Berlin to get involved in the political alternative, that is the AfD. How does that fit with your Christian values?

    Prince Philip Kiril Preussen: Only when Christians get involved politically, they can also have a say in the course. That’s why I call for every democratic party to do so. The best would have been that Christians in the AfD numerous involved and also the political program could have a say. Then it would not have come to the extent to nationalist and xenophobic tones as this has happened. The ghosts could have been pushed to the edge. This opportunity was squandered by the Christian side, so that the members on the outside won the upper hand, which is why not least “The Blues” were founded. My call can be misunderstood if you want to misunderstand it. But I want to make it clear that the spirit of Christ is incompatible with xenophobia or nationalism.

    I read an article about you in a church magazine in which you declare your willingness to become President. Is that true?

    Prince Philip Kiril Preussen: I have already rejected this offer when I was asked. Even now my family, my six children and my job as a pastor are more important to me. In ten years, I could possibly imagine that. If someone asks, I would not say no in principle.”

    – By Helge Treichel


    Read more about our Royal Patron and Protector:

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