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    An interesting story relayed to me by a former member of a Templar Order (not related to us in any way) was that one of their Grand Priors had the idea of setting up a “Knights Templar” bank. He got the other leaders on board and they attempted it. Their efforts did not come to fruition as their raised capitol was invested in the stocks of a company that went bankrupt before they could sell them.

    At first I was incredulous but then I remembered that our ancient Templar ancestors were the Bankers of their time so this seems to fit into our Templar ideals (as long as it was an honest banking venture).

    The United States Grand Priory of this Order was founded in 2002 under Grand Prior Ron Capello. At their peak, they numbered around 150 members and had a major shake up in 2007 when the banking idea fell through. They hemorrhaged membership do to this banking calamity until 2009 when the Untied States Grand Priory was put to sleep.

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