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    There is an ancient legend told about King Arthur, that goes something like this:

    One day, a Citizen of Camelot presented himself before King Arthur, to ask him a question. “Noble Lord King, how are your Subjects to know a ‘True Knight’ from a ‘False Knight?’ For there are many who go about the Land claiming to be your Knights. However, by their speech and conduct, many of them cause us to doubt their sincerity..”

    King Arthur turned to Merlin, his Wise Counselor and discussed this important question for a few moments. Then he turned back to the Citizen of Camelot and answered:

    “Seek not proof of Noble Knighthood in Speech, for Speech is not always Truth; Seek it not in rich clothes, for many a fine habit conceals cowardice, treachery and Evil; Seek it not in a fine suit of armor or weapons, for they too often hide an Evil and Cowardly Heart.” King Arthur went on to explain: “If you seek for ‘True Knighthood,’ then search for it in Faith, Hope, Charity, Justice, Strength (used in the ‘Service’ of those who are in need), Moderation and Loyalty to God, King and Country. Yes, a Wise Man looks beyond a person’s spoken words and outer appearance for Worthiness. True Knighthood and Honor are often hidden within. Many a Good and True Knight rides Unknown.”

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    The mythical King Arthur, and the actual writer, are very wise indeed.

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