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My name is Thomas Walter Tyler. I live in Fayetteville North Carolina by Ft Bragg.I have been a Christian since I was three years old. I have tried everything in life, just to always return to Christ, Father God and Holy Ghost . I have never stopped believing and have received miracles in every time of trouble. These include premature birth at 3 lbs 3 oz., living homeless at seventeen under an overpass, living as a biker in the seventies at only 100 lbs soaking wet, Five combat tours in the U.S. Marine infantry and the 82nd Airborne Infantry. These were in Grenada, Beirut, Junea, Panama and Iraq from 1983- 1996. I have been inside a mortar blast in Beirut and survived without harm, I believe with an Angel wrapping it’s wings around me and even my hearing was uneffected (actually it was greatly improved).I still ride Harleys and play the guitar. I started playing the guitar and electric Bass publicly when I was nine years old in Norfolk, Va. I started to enroll twice at Berklee Music College in my younger days, but went to battle in the military service instead. I was a life Scout in the Boy Scouts U.S.A. I am a musician who plays in rock, country and Jazz-Rock bands and also a worship musician who has played in Church for about twenty years. I create my own music on the guitar and write words inspired by Holy Ghost to effectively worship God in spirit and truth. I have been told by my grandfather before he passed away that another Tyler had fought in Beirut and traveled under the city in tunnels during the last Crusade. He was supposedly a Templar Knight, and I have never seen anything to lend creed to this story, but I have always studied and tried to be like a Templar Knight. I was approached by the De-Molay and later the Masons and Shriners, but refused membership graciously because they were seperated by race and I only want to be enlightened by the Holy Ghost and the Bible. I have donated the 65 dollars already and am awaiting word about acceptance. Either way, I still honor the donation and will refuse to have it back. I support all that you do, from without or within. Thank you for any consideratoion,
Thomas Walter Tyler.