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can you tell me when we get our certificates.. i was only asking. i was going to make another donation soon to the knights templar. i have found that since i joined my deeds to help others has given me great respect for many. i have given what i could and asked for nothing in return. i myself have fought a battle to help seniors and others in a hospital where my mother was being taken advantage of because of her having a stroke. i know our god stood along side me as i prayed each day for him to guide me help my mother to come home. i hope i get a answer from your site. god bless and thank you for your time.

Hello James and thanks for your post. Please, if you could email me any questions you have to: info@OSMTJ.net I would appreciate it.
You must attend one of Investiture Services to be Knighted to receive your certificate and to become a Knight. this is because we take being a Knight seriously and no one can become one over the internet. We sincerely thank you for your donation.