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Becoming a true Christian and joining the ranks, comes with great moral and ethical responsibilities. Your past does not dictate your future, and although your parents are both atheists, that doesn’t mean that you have to fight for mere spiritual scraps too…If your heart and soul has the ability to fight, then you deserve to be at the table. You just have to be willing to take that leap, take up the spiritual sword for God, for Christ and yourself.
I came from a similar atheist background, but I realized it was a dead end, and it will ALWAYS be a dead end. No matter what myself or philosophical intellectualism said I needed for a false sense control. I always came up empty handed and in the end it was only a band-aid to a broken bone deep down in the recesses that I kept to myself.
I even tried to take up transcendental meditation, but there is one major component that is missing that renders this spiritual application near powerless. That one component is reciprocal love and acknowledgment of God. In this lack of direction and purpose, it inherently lacking any significant level of power. It focuses on inner self and nothingness, and extracts God from the equation leaving the spiritual body as a Eunuch. It’s lack of potency leaves only spiritual scraps also for the person that is self focused and carrying self idealization on what is believed to be the “enlightened way.” If meditation is opened up and embracing God fully with a modified vehicle of meditation; true ascension and spiritual growth can begin.
The point is…there is hope. If you want to be strong in God and Christ you can be. Christianity is about acceptance, not rejection. Even acceptance within yourself. Start reading into different denominations and see which one best suits you, and start visiting churches. No church is perfect, but go in with an opened mind and heart, and if your truly searching you WILL know when you found the right church. You’ll feel it. If you don’t keep searching.
Good luck to you,…God Speed.
Your Brother IN God and Christ.