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Hello from Ireland. My name is Daithi O’Briain CKTJ. I would like all brothers and sisters to know that they have a brother and sister here in the land of the Leprechaun… (We do know there is no such thing so don’t read anything into that as there are some people that do believe in them.. LOL!!) We do like to joke and enjoy life. But when it comes to Christian values we do take them seriously but we also know God has a sense of humor and wants us to laugh and enjoy the gift he has given us. Laughter does the spirit good so do not forget to enjoy this wonderful life and never forget who gave it to us either. My piece of advice to all of my brothers and sisters is this… “When you are feeling down and satan is reminding you of your past… you will feel better to remind him of his future”
Here is our page in Ireland if you would like to come over and be added: https://www.facebook.com/groups/643702315664883/
God bless you all from Ireland