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How could someone go about finding out if one of their family members or ancestors were members? Is there any kind of database or list with all the names of past Knights Templar?

The biggest help would be to know the city where your father lived and if you could describe or even post pictures of the objects (swords or clothing?) you found that made you realize he was possibly a Knights Templar. With pictures of those items, we could probably help you identify the group.

Feel free to forward a picture of them to: Prior@TheKnightsTemplar.org

There was also a branch of the Masons called the Knights Templar that has been around for 100 years found here: http://www.KnightsTemplar.org. The items from this organization would most likely be swords, and apron, and almost a “Navel Officer” looking hat and costume.

The two oldest non-masonic Templar organizations in the USA started in 1962 and us in 1973.