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Hello Thomas and thanks for your questions.

Grand Commander Romolo ran an election in 2016 and Regent Dr. Nicolas Haimovici Hastier won becoming our Grand Master. I and other Grand Priors met in Rome in March, 2016, and cast our votes. As you know, “Regent” is the name for the temporary caretaker of our Order until a Grand Master can be elected. When we presented the election results to Regent Haimovici Hastier, he made it clear that he’d still like to be referred to as the “Regent” of our Order due to his humility in not wanting to be thought of as an equal to the likes of Grand Master Jacques de Molay.

Help me understand your second question better. What nation are you from? You noticed which Grand Prior’s Logo? I’d say that we are already solidified internationally. We won’t all be using the same logo, each nation will continue to have their own national logo.