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14 May 2016

Dear John,

Thank you for your interest in the Supreme Military Order of the Jerusalem Temple (OSMTJ-USA). As indicated on our public web page, we are a charitable Order of Christian men and women that seeks to continue the traditions of the Order of the “poor Knights of the Temple,” which was established in the Holy Land in 1118 AD, through more modern spiritual, ethical and moral crusades that help those in need.

Membership in our Order is granted only to those who have demonstrated through their faith in God and willingness to serve in a variety of endeavors that they have the highest ethical and moral principles and personal integrity.

Although there is no “typical” Templar, all Knights and Dames of the Order are Christian. Most also have a strong interest in the history of the Knights Templar, and all wish to actively contribute their personal efforts to make our society and the world at large a batter place.

Given this information, if you are interested in being considered for membership, I encourage you to send me an Email of introduction, explaining fully your interest in our Order and please describe your Christian journey in life so far (the main events in your religious experience). Your Email should be accompanied by the name of two (2) friends who would be willing to vouch for your Christian character/witness and their contact phone number. They should be sent to me at this same Email address so that our leadership may evaluate them fully.

If your interests and those of the Order’s leadership match, we will contact you directly to explore further your potential for membership. We will protect the information you provide fully, and will not use it for any other purpose. The evaluation process will not take long. Membership is not automatic.

Those with a felony conviction are not eligible for Knighthood. Do you have a felony conviction?

What is your church affiliation?

Do you believe in the three (3) Creeds (Apostles’, Nicene, and Athanasian)?

Do you believe in the Holy Trinity?

Why do you want to be a Knights Templar?

What is your geographical location?

If you are on Facebook and would like to fellowship with other members from our Order to learn more what we’re about, please add the following username to your Facebook friends: “Connie Lee Carlisle Carlson.” After you have friended me, please send a message, and I will add you to our channel as our Guest until your information is reviewed for possible membership. If you are not from the Americas (North and South) we can add you as our Guest. Information of International OSMTJ Orders is available on the OSMTJ.net website.

With Friendship and Respect,

Connie Lee Carlisle Carlson
Grand Commandant
Knights Templar OSMTJ-USA


Grand Commandant
Knights Templar of America, OSMTJ USA