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A search for the truth. A church is only as good as the members. Unfortunately in this day in age we are watching most churches fall or succumb to humanist influence. It is heart wrenching at the least and the only viable solution is to associate with those of the strongest faith in Christ. The Knights Templar hold true to the Christian beliefs and practices as other orders give way to political agendas. During these troubling times we need to ask ourselves whether we choose of be “all in” or “all out”. I would choose to be “all in” and take seriously my service to the Lord.

Amen Scott, I couldn’t agree more. There are many Templar groups that have given in to Political Correctness, secular humanism, and the agenda of the United Nations. I believe these compromises are a step too far from our Lord Jesus Christ. In an effort to be accepted in society, they have left the faith. It’s a risky thing to not put our faith in Christ as our #1 priority. It should not be replaced by politics, by being recognized/accepted, by being part of a world body.