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Good evening, my name is Tirell Alexander Maxwell Clifton I, and I submitted my application around November 27 of this year. For years, I have desired knighthood, and have pursued the path of righteousness ever since I was a small child. I felt the calling of the ministry, and became an ordained minister more than fourteen and a half years ago.

During my research into my ancestral line, I found that St. Joseph of Arimathea was my sixtieth great-grandfather, and I have felt a kinship that has grown even stronger since that discovery. I am a protector at heart, and have made it my mission in life to help people in any way that I can whenever and wherever I am able to help. I am currently running for mayor of the city of Baltimore, Maryland, because I would like to address many of the issues that have been affecting the lives of the population of the city that lives in poverty, believing that there is a better way for them, and I am hoping to inspire the citizens of Baltimore to work together to end homelessness, hunger, and crime.

I hope to hear back from you soon regarding my application. Thank you for your time.

Hello Pastor Clifton,

Thanks for contacting us Pastor Clifton, and sorry for dealy as many of our leaders were in Europe. Please will you email me this Christian Testimony directly to my email: info@OSMTJ.net ? I’ll reply soon after I receive your email.

Thanks and God Bless