Decorum Eques Auratus
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I agree that we brethern should be of one mind and one mission, though I also believe that passing off a question or “issue” someone needs clarity on should also be transparently addressed, as to ignore it will also cause division. So I personally will never shy away from lending an ear or discussing a topic with any of the members here. I hope we all can agree that some issues will always have two sides (politics, abortion, different churches’ beliefs, etc…) but in the name of standing tall, side by side and never relenting we always realize that no man (or woman) is perfect and therefore will sadly always eventually lead into conflict with another. I support Brother De Moley whole heartedly and will give some advice I learned as a young NCO (Non Commissioned Officer) in the Army……it was to pull your next-in-line leadership aside if you have an issue that might not be well received by the “team”. Therefore you are bringing it to the leaders attention and he/she will make the decision on how to properly bring the topic to the table for discussion. I think we have all seen (on social media) someone blurting out a personal opinion, which uncontrolled havoc breaks out and people always end up saying things they later regret.

I hope this may have helped in some fashion. Just my mere “two cents”.