Decorum Eques Auratus
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My Fellow Knights,

I read this on a forum not too long ago. I don’t know wrote it, but I agree with it. I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I did.

Being a ‘Knight’ has never depended on strength of arms alone, nor on a ‘Shining Suit of Man-Made Armor’ adorned for battle. (Personally, I prefer ‘The Full Armor of God/The Arnor of Light). Rather, being a ‘Knight’ has always been about Understanding, Hope and Heart (Courage).

The ‘Knight’ understands that there are things bigger and more important than himself. He understands tha the stances he takes may not always be popular, but that a society deprived of its moral values will soon turn on itself. The ‘Knight’ defends those values no matter how outdated or old fashioned they may seem. He does it because it is the ‘Right’ thing to do. No one has to tell him that it is ‘Right,’ he knows it because it is part of who he is. He is willing to ‘Stay-The-Course,’ and to have ‘Faith’ that there will be a ‘Better Tomorrow,’ for all of us and that ‘One Man’ can still make a difference in this world in which we live.

The ‘Knight,’ you see, is a ‘Herald of Hope.’ True, he is here to ‘Serve’ God & his Neighbors, but he also sets the example of what it means to be ‘Noble’ and ‘Honorable.’ So, especially in these times in which we live, he gives ‘Hope’ to those who want to believe that ‘Good Men’ still exist. His presence is a ‘Light’ to those around him, not because of some ‘Wordly Greatness’ he may have achieved, but because just being around him makes things seem better and brighter. The ‘Impossible’ suddenly seems ‘Possible’ – and when the ‘Darkness is at its absolute Darkest’ – somehow just being near to a ‘Knight’ gives one a sense that everything will be all right, that the ‘Light of Christ’ will be triumphant!

There is within the ‘Heart of a Knight’ an ‘Inner Reserve of Strength,’ the limits of which even the ‘Knight’ himself does not know. The ‘Heart of the Knight’ is unique. The ‘Holy Fire’ kindled within by ‘The Holy Spirit,’ when his ‘Righteous Anger’ is brought to bear, would send even the most vile ‘Demon’ fleeing in terror. Yet, his ‘Wisdom’ can calm a fight between others. His ‘Compassion’ can be a ‘Healing Balm’ to those who have been wounded in ‘Heart’ or ‘Spirit.’ His love of ‘Friends’ and ‘Family’ is Unconditional, Unyeilding and Unending.

All of thest things a ‘Knight’ does not consciously strive for. They simply are a part of who he is. His Character, because of his ‘Christian Faith,’ is of a finer quality and the ‘Light’ that he brings to the world, which is the ‘Light of Christ,’ helps to stave off the ‘Darkness.’ That is where the ‘Knight’ is always to be found, standing between the ‘World’ and the ‘Darkness.’ He stands there not because he has to, but because he chooses to. He understads where he is needed the most and where his brother & Sister Knights are to be found……waiting for him.

Honorable Grail Knight,

Warmest greetings and humble thanks for sharing your literary discovery. As any good student of theology and philosophy, we read, we interpret, we analyze and then internalize what this new knowledge means to each of us…..then we discuss, throw ideas back and forth and in the end, come closer as brethern with a common understanding of what it is we read. No one perspective is usually ever the same and so I would just like to add some imput from “this side of the fence”. I agree with much of what is within the words, but I also have a very strong opinion of what the title of your post relates. Are you guys open to a bit of discussion on the topic of what it means to be a “Knight”?