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As a young child, I was always fascinated with the travels of Jesus. Of course during Jesus’ time there were Roman soldiers and thus an addition to the story that is told. Being one that naturally gravitated towards military things, during my “trips” through encyclopedias and library, I came across the Knights Templar. Initially of course as a child I never fully understood the true meaning and dedication of a Knight, but as I grew older and served many years in the military, I did become familiar with that dedication to our fellow man and selfless service. Having served literally all over the world and even visiting some of the locations our Christ walked, when the topic of Knights Templar came about, I naturally payed more attention. So for many years now I have researched and looked into joining a fraternal order but I only do so with very careful thought. My mother always told me to avoid impulse buying and to take at least three days before going forward with something you really want. She always said if you still want it in three days then you will most likley find it useful in your life. Well this time it took me close to 20 years. Being a Soldier the Masonic Order was always “there”, which I can neither say “yea” or “nay” on if it was all that it was supposed to be, as I never was one……but the sad fact that I investigated so many peple during my tenure as an investigator, of that particular order, it really made me question the company I would hold. So I have searched and researched and very much agree with the honor, integrity and Christian faith of the Knights Templar. A “poor Soldier of Christ” is well grounded in selfless service and acts of kindness where there is no expectation of gain. I do believe in strength of character and keeping oneself pute in body, mind and spirit…….though we are all human and naturally know we fall short of the grace of God, as it says in the Bible. I think all He asks is that we stand up and treat others as we desire to be treated and do what is right, always. The Army always preached integrity and the definition rings so true, to do what is right, even when no one is looking. To me a Knight Templar is the definition of many things and just one if them is true Christian integrity.