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Well written and explained. We must remember that it is not for us to judge but our Lord God who is the only one to have that position. But we must remain in our steadfast belief that what we are doing is correct in what our Lord Jesus had taught us and do our best to be the Christians that we profess to be. Be a cup that is just as clean on the inside as we are on the outside and not full of filth and dirt on the inside and clean looking on the outside as many people are. Jesus put it in the perfect context of “Do not try to remove the splinter from your brothers eye until you first remove the rafter from your own. Then you will be able to see clearly to remove the splinter from your brothers eye”. So in other words we are all sinners in one way or another and must also deal with our own short comings. We must do what is right in the Lords eyes and always try to be there for our Brothers and Sisters in Christ and if something offends us or makes us uncomfortable of which we know to be wrong in the eyes of our Lord do not hesitate to pick up the Bible and see what it says about certain situations to help us move forward with the situation. The Bible is like an owners manual for our own bodies and souls and has never let us down yet. It is Gods perfect word to help us make it through life and to bring us closer to him. If we see our brother or sister moving in the wrong direction it is ok to let them know as it is ok for them to do the same with us. We need them to lean on as much as they need us. But when you correct a brother or sister.. do it in a kind and loving way and sit down with a Bible and see what things say. We may be wrong after all and stand corrected. Do not be vindictive or controlling that is NOT what God wants of us…be kind in brotherly way. But do not be judgmental, you can always pray for them. for God to bring them back to his fold and open their eyes to what is right in the eyes of God. Love God with all of our might and all of our strength and love one another as you love yourself and all of the Commandments will fall into place. God bless from Ireland

Amen Skydiver