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Good day all;
My name is Florian, and am a new “Companion At Arms”. I wish to thank all who acknowledged my application for acceptance into the order. I will do my very best to uphold all that is required of me. I pray that you my brothers and I may spend many years together fighting for the rights of the unprotected.
I am from Pennsylvania, USA. Are there any others in the order that I may communicate with on a local basis?

Thank you again
May God bless you all

Congratulations to you upon your acceptance Florian! We welcome you in the name of the Lord!

Yes, every Friday night at 9pm EST we have an hour long Templar Round-Table Discussion. This is a great opportunity to meet and fellowship with our members. Instructions to connect to our TeamSpeak voice chat server are pinned to the top of our Facebook Channel. If you have trouble with those directions, simply call me on the same number I called you from 2 days ago.

Don’t forget your invitation to join us for our National Conclave next month October 3rd & 4th in Kingston, NY.

You’ll remember that on the phone I helped you to join our Templar Facebook channel. You can connect with your Templar Brother’s and Sisters today by messaging them in our Channel or by posting a message for all to see. Why not introduce yourself there on Facebook today?

Look forward to meeting you soon!