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Good morning everyone. First let me wish a very happy belated Easter. I am inquiring on the status of my membership. I submitted my letter of intent and character reference contact information I’ve read of other perspective members reaching out by way of this forum for assistance. So, I am doing the same. If at all possible could someone please provide me with an update on my status or with any new information I might have missed. I thank you in advance, God Bless and I hope to be joining your organization soon.
Sincerely, Mark.

Dear Mark,

Thanks so much for your interest in our Order. Please understand that our volunteers have been flooded with emails of interest. Please forward me your email to my email address: info@OSMTJ.net and I will look at it and send you a reply today. Even better, add me on facebook: “Timothy Bryant Jones” and I’ll add you to our channel where you can get to meet a very active group of Christian Knights.