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Hello my name is Bob. I had sent an email earlier wanting to receive more information regarding Knights Templar.

I have been a life long martial artist teaching local and federal law enforcements agents and trying to walk a deeper path of honor and seek more. I was raised in the Catholic Church and contnue to walk in my faith through Christianity.
If you could please let me know if you received my email it would be greatly appreciated.
Sincerest Regards

Thanks for your post and we appreciate your interest Bob. Sorry that our volunteer email responders are sometimes overloaded and the usual response time is two weeks.

Why don’t you forward your email directly to me at: info@OSMTJ.net where I will look at it today. Please add to your email your Christian Testimony (How you came to the Lord), Your Christian Path (describe where your faith has taken you through life and what churches you’ve attended), and your bio.

Thanks again