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Brother Joe,

Did you know that the word ‘Knight’ is an old, old word…..and that it means ‘One Who Serves?’ Before one can become a ‘Knight,’ they must first lean what it truly means to ‘Serve God & their Neighbor.’ Jesus is the ‘First Knight.’ For He came ‘Not To Be Served,’ but ‘To Serve,’ and to offer up His Life as a ransom for the Salvation of many. He is our ‘Grail King’…..The King of Kings & The Lord of Lords. When we ‘Serve Him & His People’……we become ‘Knights’ in the purest and most perfect sense of the word.

So Brother Joe….continue to ‘Serve God & Our Neighbors’ and ‘By Your Deeds Shall Your Knighthood Be Known.’

I didn’t know that the word “Knight” meant that, but I’m glad you educated us.