About Robert Baker-Coates

My Christian Story..... I started out my Christian walk when I was in junior high school in Winemmuca Nv. That is where I first got baptized. It was a Baptist congregation. My parents did not support me in this and in fact it.wasn't until recently that they have started to go to church. After junior high school, my dad got hurt working in the mines and.we moved back to my hometown and state in upstate New York. After the move I fell away from the church, but in my heart I always felt the Holy Spirit guiding me. After High school I moved back to Nevada where I once again felt the call to be part of a Christian Fellowship. I started to attend the Reno Church of the Nazerine. While there I taught Sunday school and went.to 2 Promise Keeper Conventions. They were spectacular. I also volunteered at a Luis Palo festival. Then I moved to Utah and started attending the Alpine Church. Very good church. I then lost my job for local 312 in 2008 when the market crashed. So I moved to Sacramento to find work. Once there I discovered Bethel Lutheran and that is where the Lord really began working on my heart. I served on the church board as head of maintenance. I also taught Sunday school there as well. My search for work and missing my family lead me back to Utah where I have been serving at Elim Lutheran Church on the church board once again as maintenance. Also I have received training as a lay minister. And other classes as well. Most recently I went to Via De Christi down in Sandy at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, this has solidified my walk with Christ and my desire to serve with all my heart, honor and integrity. Now my walk has lead me to you the Knights Templar where I want to be a member and work very hard at the training and all the stations to work my way thru. Please consider me for membership, I will not let you down.