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Unlike the armor made by the hands of man and worn by the ‘Knights of Old,’ ‘The Full Armor of God’ must never be taken off. As Knights we must never lay aside the ‘Sword of The Spirit’ or ‘The Shield of Faith. For we do battle against a treacheerous Enemy, and we know not when or where he will attack. We must always be prepared for ‘The Unexpected,’ because if we do not keep alert and build up our strength in union with the Lord and by means of His Mighty Power, we will be defeated.

On our own, with just our own ‘Human Strength,’ we are helpless against the ‘Forces of Darkness’ in our world. Without the ‘Full Armor of God, we are weaponless in ‘The Eternal Crusade.’ As Knights, we must always place our ‘Hope’ in our Lord Jesus Christ. We should pray often, keep alert & never give up!

The ‘Ultimate Victory’ will be ours. “God Wills It!”

Wow, I like how you write Grail Knight. By the way, if you’ve written or feel like writing a Knight Templar poem, let me know and we’ll add it to our poetry page: http://www.theknightstemplar.org/templar-poetry/