Dimitar Kotcheff & Organized Crime

Dimitar Kotcheff


Dimitar Kotcheff (димитър кочев) – Bulgaria  

In 2016, Dimitar Kotcheff left the OSMTJ when we discovered that his “Prince” Paul Demidoff (Demidov) was a scam.  Read more about the fake “Prince”:  http://osmtj.net/prince-paul/ Dimitar later bragged that he is an organized crime boss in Bulgaria with tremendous power and followers all over the world.  This is why we cut off all ties with Dimitar so as not to sully the name of the Templars with organized crime.  Latvian leader, Vladimirs Kovaļevskis, chose to remain loyal to Dimitar for several more years even after Dimitar was exposed as a Scammer and crime boss. 

We discovered three more lies Dimitar has been telling

1) Dimitar Kotcheff claimed to be a member of the Priory of Sion.  The Priory of Sion is a complete fraud created by Pierre Plantard in the 1960’s and has been proven to be a fraud. Pierre Plantard has admitted to authorities before he died that the Priory of Sion was a complete fraud.  Please read these two links about the Priory of Sion:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Priory_of_Sion  and

2) Dimitar Kotcheff has been claiming  he was recognized by Michel Van Der Stock with the position of authority: “Le Grand Magistral Visitor.”  He later admited the documents you see below were fake certificates created by his loyal assistant, Vladimirs Kovaļevskis of Latvia. You can see one of the fake certificates below displaying his position as “Le Grand Magistral Visitor.”  With his new fake position, he recruited leaders in other countries under his command.

These documents were sent to Michel Van Der Stock who confirmed to us that this below certificate was fake, and Dimitar’s title were both fake. 



3) Dimtiar Kotcheff has told us that he had been a Brigadier General in the Bulgarian Military.   We discovered that Dimitar Kotcheff was only a Colonel in the Bulgarian Miltiary.  We have been told by a member of the Bulgarian Military that even this Identification card that Dimitar had displayed on his Facebook was fake too because a real Bulgarian Military card is written in Bulgarian.  They researched Dimitar and found out he was not a Commando at all, but in the Medical Division.